Sunday, 8 March 2015

Illamasqua Semblance Multi Facet Palette

Illamasqua is one of those brands that I have always wanted to try but have never really had the opportunity to do so. I have always thought of them as a premium and professional brand catered more to makeup artists than to your average beauty hoarder, and because there are no Illamasqua beauty counters near me I haven't had the chance to try/swatch any of their products.

A recent(ish) birthday and a very lovely sister have now changed that and I am now the very happy owner of the Illamasqua Semblance Multi Facet Palette! I love palettes like this as they have a variety of products in them (not just eyeshadows) which makes them ideal for travel.

The Semblance Multi Facet Palette has one blusher, one highlighter, one cream contour, four eyeshadows and one brow powder. I could take this on holiday and only need to take a foundation, concealer and mascara for a full face of makeup.

My sister was concerned that she had bought the wrong one for my skin tone (as I am very pale and cool toned) but it is more versatile than it looks.

The cream highlighter on the top left (Mirage) is a warm toned gold based peach and I was worried that I wouldn't be able to make this one work for me, but actually it is a very sheer highlighter which blends nicely in to my skin tone to leave a lovely subtle sheen which catches the light beautifully for a soft glow. I also like that I can just apply this with my fingers to the top of my cheekbones, very easy!

The pink blusher on the bottom left (Hussy) is very pink! Hot pink really, with warm undertones and it is very pigmented. I do need to apply this one with a light hand to avoid over doing it so I just use a stippling brush which helps to control the pigmentation. I love how it warms the face and it would be perfect for the summer.

The one product I wasn't really sure how to use is the cream contour (top middle) in shade Hollow. It is quite a tough formula and needs some warming to help it blend and as the pan is so small it is difficult to get a brush in there. I do also need to be quite careful with what contour shades I use because I am so pale. Actually, I like using this as a cream eyeshadow base. It is a subtle skin-tone colour so ideal for this job and the almost-matte finish makes it perfect for layering eyshadows over the top. 

The eyeshadow shade under the contour (Slink) is my favourite in the palette. It is a gorgeous champagne colour that really brightens the eye. I like to sweep this all over the lid and use a little of the brown in the top right (Thunder - the brow powder) blended in to the crease to add some definition. The black eyeshadow (Obsidian) is great to use as an eyeliner along the top lash line and I use a small angled brush to wing it out. I really like using a powder as an eyeliner for a softer look in comparison to a liquid or gel liner.

It is difficult for me to pull off the pink eyeshadow (Dizzy) on the eyelid but I actually like using it as a lovely cool toned light pink blusher (which makes this palette even more versatile as I have two blush options!) I love the colour of the bronzey-copper eyeshadow (Tango) on the bottom middle, it is beautiful and very pigmented. Warm toned coppery eyeshadows like this can be quite hard to wear due to the pink/red undertones of my complexion but with a cool toned eyeshadow blended in to the crease and a lovely thick black liner I can balance it out and make the most of the colour.

I absolutely love this palette, it is perfect for travel and I may take it with me to Amsterdam at the end of the month. It has certainly made me want to try more makeup from Illamasqua.

What Illamasqua products would you recommend?

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