Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Vichy Dermablend Foundation - Complexion Perfection?

The Vichy Dermablend Foundation promises to be a full coverage corrective foundation for blemish prone skin. After watching a Lisa Eldrige video about covering spots and blemishes with this foundation I knew I just had to give it a go and happened to find it on sale at Feel Unique.

The good thing (at least in theory) about Feel Unique is that they send you a small sample sachet to try before you open the product to check that the colour is correct, allowing you to return the item unused if the shade is not right. I say in theory as I ordered shade 15 Opal and they sent me a sample of shade 30 Sand. Not so helpful. So I had to open the full sized product straight away.

The foundation applies beautifully and does have fantastic coverage, concealing spots and redness to the point where I don't need to worry too much about concealer afterwards. Pretty impressive.

The finish is slightly dewy which I prefer to a matte finish so I was very happy on first application. Unfortunately the shade is a little too dark/yellow for me and I believe that this is the lightest shade that they do. However, to be honest, if they did have a lighter shade I don't think I would bother purchasing another one, as the biggest disappointment was how the foundation wore throughout the day.

The coverage is excellent in the morning when first applied but by mid-afternoon it had a habit of sliding off my face, revealing problem prone areas of the face far too much for my liking, certainly not the 16 hours coverage the packaging promises.

I did try setting it with powder to see if it made a difference (which I don't like to do too often as I have dry skin) but I'm afraid it still let me down. I had very high hopes for this foundation but it just didn't deliver and I am yet to find a foundation which stays in place perfectly all working day.

Any long lasting high coverage foundation recommendations??

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