Saturday, 10 May 2014

New Neutral Maybelline Colour Tattoos - Dare To Go Nude

Don't worry, I'm not going to go on about my love for the Maybelline Colour Tattoo in On and On Bronze again. Instead I am going to go on about my love for some of their other neutral shades!

A very lovely friend of mine recently visited some family in America and offered to pick up some US beauty products for me. Having seen that America have a much larger selection of Maybelline Colour Tattoos than we do, I just had to ask her to pick some up for me. All three shades are from the Maybelline Limited Edition Dare To Go Nude Collection.

The first one she picked up for me was Stroke of Midnight, a black shade with silver glitter particles. I was hoping this one could be used as an eyeliner or as a dark eyeshadow base for a dramatic smokey eye. Unfortunately the colour isn't quite opaque enough to create a decent eyeliner line with an angled brush. However, the colour tattoos are very buildable. You simply allow one layer to dry and then apply another over the top so it still works perfectly as a dramatic dark base.

The second shade she picked up is Nude Compliment, a cool toned shimmery taupe-brown. This one is quite similar to On and On Bronze (comparison below) so I know that I am going to get a lot of use out of it. Although this is a great shade to use as a base for powder eyeshadow on top, it is also a perfect shade to use on its own. A quick swipe over the lid and you're good to go.

The last shade she picked up for me is Pure Nude, a shimmery pink-tinged champagne colour. I love this shade as it is really brightening. It is ideal to use as an eyeshadow base for lighter powder eyeshadows such as MAC's Naked Lunch and is also perfect as an inner corner highlight. It could probably even be used as a highlight in other areas of the face but would need to be applied lightly.

Top to Bottom - Stroke of Midnight, Nude Compliment, Pure Nude
When I first opened the shade Nude Compliment I thought it seemed very similar to On and On Bronze. However, when compared next to each other there are some noticeable differences so I am glad that I have both in my collection. On and On Bronze is quite a warm brown shade whereas Nude Compliment is much cooler with a grey undertone, both are shimmery and can be applied either quite sheer or built up to an intense colour.
Left - On and On Bronze, Right - Nude Compliment
Left - On and On Bronze, Right - Nude Compliment

I have been so impressed with every Maybelline Colour Tattoo I have tried. They make great eyeshadow bases and prevent powder eyeshadows from fading and creasing throughout the day. They can also often be worn on their own for a simple and long lasting eye look. I know these are meant to be similar to the MAC Paint Pots, which I am very tempted to try, but the difference in price make these Maybelline cream eyeshadows such a bargain buy! MAC Paint Pots retail for £15 whereas the Maybelline Colour Tattoos are £4.99 in the UK or around $6.99 in America.

It is a shame that these shades are only available in the US (it pays to have an American friend who can pick these things up!) as the UK shades are quite limited with only a couple of neutrals and a lot of brights that I wouldn't use. Hopefully they will decide to expand the selection here in the UK at some point. A greater selection of matte shades would also be brilliant!

I would also like to mention that my friend also bought me 5 boxes of Pop Tarts! The flavours they have out there are amazing....Red Velvet ..... yes, Red Velvet Pop Tarts! Thanks Amanda, you're awesome!

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