Friday, 16 May 2014

Kiko Lipsticks - Spring Colours

The colours and the formulas of these Kiko lipsticks are just perfect for Spring and Summer. They feel very moisturising on the lips and quite balmy, applying with a lovely sheer wash of colour. This is my favourite kind of everyday lipstick as they are very low maintenance, they give a subtle glossy pop of colour, don't appear patchy when they begin to wear off and can be applied easily even without a mirror if need be.

Kiko are a new discovery for me but they seem to have a fantastic range of lipsticks. Similar to MAC they have lipstick collections with a variety of different finishes for example their Velvet Matte range, their Luscious Cream range and their Crystal Sheer range. These three lipsticks are all from their Smart Lipstick range which is described as a rich, nourishing and ultra-silky formula. This range alone has 24 shades to choose from!

Unfortunately, they don't have names and instead just have numbers and the number is the only way to differentiate between them when the lids are on, which is a bit of a pain the numbers are harder to remember than names.

I bought my first one when I was in Berlin which was shade 917 a nude-pink with slight gold shimmer (middle lipstick in the photo above). It was only €2.50 (around £2) whereas the others I bought in the UK were £3.90, I should have bought some more while I was still in Germany! Still, £3.90 is very affordable and I am really impressed with the quality.

The second and third shades I bought were 902, a coral based pink (on the left) and 906 a coral based orange (on the right) these two shades also have a golden shimmer running through them. This shimmer is not at all glittery and instead just catches the light nicely to create a glossy and plump look to the lips. Again, perfect for Spring! 

Although they do apply quite sheer, they are buildable to an extent and you can get a good amount of colour if you wish. When I swatched the darker shades such as a red and a deep plum, they were very pigmented so the sheer application may not be standard across the whole Smart Lipstick range and may instead just be due to the kind of shades that I bought. The only negative I would say is that I have found that my lips need to be in a good condition before I apply shade 906 as the colour can settle in to any dry patches, but some exfoliation and a bit of lip balm should sort that out.

I think Kiko may be my new favourite brand for lipsticks, I just can't get over the price! I am curious to try some from their other ranges which can be a little bit more expensive (ranging from £3.90 to £6.90) but still very affordable! I am sure that these three lipsticks are going to be my go-to choices this Spring and Summer.

Have you tried anything from Kiko? What are your favourite products from them? Let me know by commenting below...

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