Monday, 5 May 2014

April '14 Favourites

April was a bit of a crap month and I'm pretty glad to see the back of it. Work has been pretty stressful and I have just generally felt a bit rubbish. I've been trying my hardest to be more positive so let's look forward to May's potential and concentrate on the good things!

Anyway no one wants to hear me complaining so let's get on with the products I have been loving this month....

The Body Shop Honey Bronzer

Being as pale as I am, I have pretty much always avoided bronzers for fear of the inevitable overly obvious orange face situation. However, after seeing a few other pale bloggers raving about The Body Shop Honey Bronzer I thought it might be worth a try, especially since I ordered it in a Body Shop haul with 50% off. This bronzer can be applied lightly with a fluffy brush or built up to a much stronger colour with a denser brush. The colour is warm but not to orange and it's matte finish means it works great for contouring (something I am trying to teach myself how to do). It can still look a bit orange if I over do it but with a light-hand it warms up my face nicely and even has the potential to give me some much-needed cheek bones. See pictures of me wearing this one here - link.

The Body Shop Vitamin E Oil In Serum

I have been using this face oil for a couple of months now and am really loving it. I don't use it everyday but maybe 2 or 3 times a week when I don't use my Body Shop Tea Tree Night Lotion. I just can't handle having too many steps in my skincare routine, which is actually one of the things I love about this product as it is a serum and oil in one. It isn't overly oily and sinks in to the skin pretty quickly, plus it smells lovely. I apply it just before bed and wake up to a soft and plump face. It's perfect for my sensitive skin, thanks again Body Shop!

Maybelline SuperStay Better Skin Foundation

I am still loving this foundation and have been using it every day. It has a great medium coverage so only a small amount of concealer is needed on top to cover blemishes and it has a perfect not-too-dewy-but-not-too-matte natural finish. I wear shade 005 Light Beige which is the palest shade available.



Kiko Lipstick in shade 917

I picked this up on our trip to Berlin in February for a bargain-ous €2.50! It's a beautiful nude-pink colour with a slight golden shimmer. It leaves a creamy and glossy but subtle colour on the lips which is perfect for everyday wear and it smells like vanilla. I have been wearing this one for work a lot this past month!

Ghost Sweetheart Eau de Toilette

An old favourite from last Spring/Summer, I have found myself reaching for this fragrance most days now that the weather is a little bit warmer. I love how scents can bring back memories. I kept randomly thinking about a book I read last year (Song of Achilles by Madeline Miller) and I realised I must have been wearing this fragrance when I was reading it. Sweetheart is a floral fragrance with hints of lemon, pineapple, spearmint, white flowers and sensual woods.

Non-Beauty Favourite

My non-beauty favourite of the month has to be the TV series Modern Family. It is just sooo freaking good. It is hilarious and perfect for after-work evening watching to wind down and distract the mind. I love every single character but my favourite just had to be Phil. Unfortunately we are already on the latest series and will soon run out of episodes. Any recommendations for when this one finishes? Another series we finished in April was Orange Is The New Black (a Netflix exclusive series set in a women's prison) which I highly recommend!

What were your beauty and non-beauty favourites for April?

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  1. Oh they all sound so good! I really want to try out the bronzer from the Body shop! Loving the lipstick too :)


    1. I love the Honey Bronzer, I wear it pretty much every day now! =)

      Nicki x


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