Sunday, 20 April 2014

Going Green....

I think green eyeshadows look beautiful with brown eyes, especially if you have dark hair as well. Although I would consider myself a neutral eyeshadow lover, when building my MAC palette (see here) I didn't just want to buy 15 different shades of brown/beige and instead decided to add a little bit of colour in the form of green neutrals. Now almost a third of my palette is dedicated to these kinds of shades. Although four of the five eyeshadows I am going to show you are MAC, I also have one from No.7 which is well worth a mention!


Let's start with MAC. These unfortunately are not cheap, they cost £10 in pan form (which slot easily in to a pro palette like mine) or £12.50 if you want them in an individual little pot but they are beautifully pigmented and long lasting.

Sumptuous Olive over the Maybelline Colour Tattoo in On and On Bronze with Espresso in the crease and Wedge to blend.
MAC Fiction over the Maybelline Colour Tattoo in On and On Bronze with MAC Coquette in the crease.
My two favourite MAC greens are Sumptuous Olive and Fiction as they are beautiful easy to wear shades which can be swept over the eyelid for an everyday makeup look or built up for a beautiful green smokey eye. They are quite similar in that they are both olive/khaki based shimmer shadows but Sumptuous Olive has warmer golden undertones and Fiction has cooler grey undertones. Both are stunning and I find khaki greens to be the most flattering on brown eyes as they really make the colour pop. 

Although Coquette is not a true green, it is a matte mid-tone brown with a slightly green undertone which really shows when paired with other green eyeshadows. For this reason Coquette is one of my favourite crease shades when using either Sumptuous Olive or Fiction.

MAC Club over Colour Tattoo in On and On Bronze, small amount of Wedge to blend.
MAC's Club is more unusual in that it is a brown/teal green duo chrome eyeshadow. The teal green shimmer really shows when the shadow is packed on to the eyelid using a dense flat brush and appears as a warm dark brown when blended out with a fluffy brush. It is a very beautiful eyeshadow but not as wearable for everyday at work (although that hasn't stopped me!) This one is best saved for special occasions.

No.7 Khaki over Colour Tattoo in On and On Bronze, Coquette in the crease and a small amount of Wedge to blend.
That takes us on to No.7's green offering, their Stay Perfect Eyeshadow in Khaki. I have had this one for a very long time (probably too long!) and the packaging, along with the amount of product you get seems to have changed over time. I believe this shade is still available in the No.7 collection but is now called Khaki Shine.

This is is very similar to Sumptuous Olive in the pan but is more green when applied whereas Sumptuous Olive definitely looks more gold. The formula of the No.7 eyeshadow is also fantastic. It is very soft and pigmented so a little goes a long way. If I didn't already have too many eyeshadows, I would definitely look at getting some more from No.7.

I have been tempted to buy MAC's Humid eyeshadow which is a bright almost emerald green shade but because it is so bright I'm not sure I would use it as much.

Do you wear green eyeshadow? Which is your favourite?
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  1. They make your eyes look amazing - such a great post :)


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