Thursday, 13 March 2014

Yankee Candle - Sicilian Lemon

Just a quick post today, on the candle that has been brightening up my home just in time for Spring! Sicilian Lemon - doesn't that just sound lovely and fresh?

Yankee Candle describe this one as "a bright and sunny citrus …perfectly ripe, with a naturally sweet and refreshing scent." Which I would say was pretty bang on. I was a little worried that it may remind me of cleaning products but it doesn't at all. Instead it just leaves a fresh and uplifting citrusy scent which makes it the perfect candle to burn when you have guests coming round or just want to brighten up the place, day or evening.

The amazing thing about Yankee Candles is the amount of time that they last. They apparently burn for 65 - 90 hours!  Lemon is an energising scent, meaning that this candle would be a perfect accompaniment to a thorough spring cleaning of the house, but who can really be bothered for that?? Lets just drink tea, read blogs and enjoy the lovely lemony scent.

Do you like Yankee Candles? What are your favourite scents?

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