Sunday, 9 March 2014

Soup-er Sunday!

In an attempt to eat a little healthier and also cook a bit more, hubby and I decided to start getting better use out of our New Covent Garden Food Company A Soup For Everyday recipe book. And because we both have a very geeky sense of humour, we decided to refer to this weekly culinary experimentation as Soup-er Sunday (hehe geddit??)

Every Sunday we take it in turns to try a new recipe and have so far made 6 or 7. I used to hate soup, I couldn't get my head around the idea of drinking your food, its unnatural. But because they are healthy, easy and usually pretty cheap to make, I decided to teach myself to like them.

The recipes in this book are so easy, and use simple, readily-available ingredients (don't you hate it when you're following a recipe only to find it lists 10 ridiculously obscure hard-to-get ingredients). It really does have a different soup for every day of the year and it is set out as a diary starting on January 1st. The good thing about going by the dates is that the ingredients for each soup are seasonal so will be easier to find and cheaper to buy at that specific time of the year. We haven't really stuck to the date thing and mostly just flick through the book until we see one that takes our fancy.

Last Soup-er Sunday I cooked the Simple Parsnip and Apple Soup which, not only sounded delicious, but was also very cheap as the only ingredients needed were parsnips, a bramley apple, butter, vegetable stock and milk.

I have thoroughly enjoyed each soup we have made so far, including Spicy Sweet Potato Soup, Carrot and Cumin Soup and Tuscan Bean Soup. There are so many varied recipes in this book so I really look forward to Soup-er Sunday every week. There's even a recipe for Strawberries, Cream and Champagne Soup! If you are looking for a new recipe book, I would highly recommend this one, I don't think I have ever used a recipe book so much before!

I hope you don't mind the slightly different blog topic today, if you did, don't worry I'll be back to beauty in my next post!

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