Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Skincare for Sensitive Skin

Skincare and I don't always get along. Due to my ridiculously sensitive skin, the majority of skincare products I try cause adverse reactions and often make me break out. I would say I had sensitive and dry skin with frequent hormonal breakouts (sorry if that's too much information!).

I almost gave up on skincare altogether but it seems as though there is one brand that I can rely on, and that is The Body Shop. I actually ordered a few products from them back in October (see haul post here) and feel that as a fair amount of time has passed that I can now give you an honest and accurate opinion on them.

The great thing about the Body Shop is that they offer a huge range of skincare products, with individual collections aimed at different skin types, for example they have the Tea Tree range for blemish prone skin, the Vitamin C range for 'dull' skin, the Pomegranate and Nutriganics ranges for mature skin and more. I automatically gravitated towards their Aloe range for sensitive skin and the Tea Tree range.

The skincare items I purchased were the Aloe Day Cream, the Aloe Restorative Face Mask, the Aloe Toner, a mini Aloe Cleanser and the Tea Tree Night Lotion. The Body Shop aren't the cheapest on the high-street but are very reasonably priced when compared to skincare brands such as Clinique, Clarins, Elizabeth Arden, and Pai etc.

One of the main problems I have with skincare is the idea of piling on product after product, I imagine the effects of using 10 different products on my skin to be almost counter-productive, plus I am just far too lazy! I will never be one of those people who will cleanse twice, tone, moisturise, use a serum, an oil, a balm, an eye cream etc.

If I am going to do this whole skincare thing, I am going to do it my way. And that way is picking just a couple of my favourite products, which I will then use regularly. I started off using the toner and the cleanser but to be honest, these were abandoned after a couple of weeks. Not because they aren't good but because it is just too many steps for me.

I know that they have become a bit taboo in the beauty world but the first step of my evening skincare routine is removing my makeup with face wipes, the ones from Simple (another great brand for sensitive skin!) are my favourites. Nothing takes off waterproof mascara like these bad boys! I then use the L'oreal Micellar Water for that all important second cleanse. Some left over makeup does come off during this second cleanse so I guess it is needed after all. Then before I go to bed I apply the Tea Tree Night Lotion, and that's pretty much it. Are you horrified?? I'm sorry...

I use the Aloe Day Cream every morning before I apply my makeup as my skin has needed a slightly thicker and richer moisturiser lately, and I treat myself about once a week to the Aloe Restorative Face Mask, which you just slap on before bed and leave it to work it's magic overnight. Both do seem to inject some much needed moisture in to my skin and make it feel a lot plumper and healthier.

For pretty much the first time, I have not had any negative reactions to a new skincare range. The products do seem to be helping my skin rather than making it worse (although it is still hard to judge just how much they are helping). They aren't miracle products and they won't prevent all blemishes because no product is or will, but for once I am very happy with the results and will continue to purchase products from The Body Shop.

I think it is also worth noting that The Body Shop have a great company ethos with community fair trade and cruelty free products which I think is fantastic and makes them a company I am even happier to support. Not to mention the amazing regular promotions they do, such as their current ones - save £20 when you spend £40 or 40% off all online orders, which really does help to make it more affordable.

For more information on The Body Shop skincare, see their website - link

This post has not been sponsored by The Body Shop in any way, I am just loving their products at the moment.

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  1. I can't help but as as I've been reading your blog for a while now but are you from Aberdeen? I am a blogger from Aberdeen and am completed frustrated by the lack of makeup available *cough* Nars, Laura Mercier *cough*. Of course, please do not feel like you are obliged to answer as some people can be very private about where they live and I am fully respective of that! Just find something about your blogposts that was maybe hinting it.. I hope that's not weird! haha.

    Ellie x

    1. Hi Ellie, thanks so much for your comment. No actually I am from South East England, not too far from London but the only probably is how much it costs to get to London on the train to shop for those sorts of brands. It can cost £20 - £30 to get there and I'd rather spend that money on a makeup product not a train lol. I pretty much do all that beauty shopping online but then it's difficult to know if you're buying the right shades etc. Such a pain!

      Nicki x


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