Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Beauty Shopping Rewards!

I love a good loyalty scheme! Gaining points on purchases just helps to reduce the inevitable shopping guilt, I mean you're almost earning money....... almost.

Due to the amount of money I spend in Boots, my Advantage Card points seem to build up quite quickly and would build up even quicker if I would just remember to do my online shopping through Treat Street, but I never do.

The Debenhams Beauty Club Card offers 3 points per £1 spent, whereas I think the Boots card is 4 points per £1, but as the beauty products in Debenhams are more expensive, I end up spending more money there and it builds up a lot quicker. Once you reach 500 points on your card you can get £5 off your next purchase, but they often have special promotions like 500 points when you spend £40, which also helps a lot!

I have personally reached 500 points and redeemed £5 off at least twice before and currently have £5 on my card waiting to be spent. No I don't want to think about how much I must have spent in Debenhams over the past year!

One of the main reasons I decided to get a Debenhams Beauty Card is the the fact that you then qualify for free delivery when shopping online. I have used this free delivery a lot so it has definitely been worth it.

With a card you can also get free makeovers at the beauty counters in-store and free product samples, but I am yet to try out these benefits. There is even an offer where you can get a free Benefit brow wax on your birthday! Now this is one I may have to try!

My mum actually signed up for a Debenhams Beauty Card before Christmas, and although she doesn't often shop there for herself, with all the presents she bought for my sister and me for Christmas and my birthday she gained her £5 reward very quickly!

All these benefits and it is completely free to sign up, see here for details - link.

Do you have a Debenhams Beauty Club Card? What are your favourite shopping loyalty schemes? I'm always looking for new ways to keep shopping guilt at bay!

(I have in no way been sponsored by Debenhams for this post, I just really like their card!)

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  1. I always forget about this card...may have to use it soon hehe x


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