Monday, 24 March 2014

MAC Pro Conceal and Correct Palette in Light for Pale/Fair Skin

I hate buying concealers. I wrote a post back in July about how difficult it is to find pale/fair concealers to cover blemishes and imperfections (read here), and it hasn't gotten any easier since! Why is it that a brand will bring out a foundation in 8 different shades and an accompanying concealer in only 2?  Often light and medium even though both appear to be the exact same shade of dark orange?

I have wasted a lot of money on concealers, because they are the wrong colour/wrong consistency/don't last long enough. Then there's the whole concealer/corrector debate. Should an under eye concealer be slightly peach or salmon coloured to correct dark circles? Should a blemish concealer be yellow or green in colour to counteract redness? It's all a little bit overwhelming!

Then I saw this palette from MAC, and it was love at first sight! At £35 it isn't the cheapest product but you get 4 of their Studio Finish Concealers, all different shades, some cool toned and some warm, and 2 of their correctors, a pale yellow for blemishes and a pale pink for dark circles. 

Being a palette aimed at pale skin and with such a variety of shades it seemed unlikely that I could go wrong with this palette. At least one shade was bound to work for me, perhaps even two or three when you take in to consideration that different areas of the face can be very different in tone and that I am a lot paler in the winter than in the summer. Plus I get two correcting options as well!

I love this palette. The consistency of the conealers/correctors is very creamy and high coverage, and they blend easily with fingers and brushes.

The palette is divided in to two sections, the left hand side of the palette is warm toned with shades NC15, NC20 and Pale Yellow. The right hand side of the palette is cool toned with shades NW10, NW20 and Pale Pink. At the moment the shade I am using the most is NC15 and it's great to have 2 slightly darker shades and one paler option aswell. These can even be mixed if you are between shades.

I wasn't entirely sold on the whole corrector thing to begin with but now that I have had a bit of a play with them I can see how useful they will be. When applied over the dark circles under my eyes, the pale pink shade really does have a camouflaging and brightening effect. The pale yellow does appear a little more obvious when applied over blemishes meaning that it's best to apply the yellow and then a concealer shade over the top, but because of the creamy texture which doesn't really set, it can be tricky to layer the two products and keep the benefits of both. But as the concealer shades have such great coverage anyway, I don't need to use the yellow to colour correct very often.

Overall, I am really happy with this palette. I think this is the best concealer formula that I have tried so far in terms of application, texture and coverage and the shade range is fantastic. The product is not perfect and after about 8 hours dry patches can start to show and because of the creamy texture you have to be careful not to touch your face and accidentally move the product, but I shouldn't be touching my face anyway! I probably wouldn't re-purchase the whole palette again as I am unlikely to use all the shades up at the same time but would certainly re-purchase the shade I use most often as a separate concealer and perhaps even the pale pink corrector.

This palette is also available in Medium, Medium Deep and Dark.

Have you tried this palette or the MAC Studio Finish concealers?

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  1. great review! I should really pick up a couple of these for my kit... for £35 its a bargain

    1. Thanks Becky =) they would definitely be a good idea for a makeup artist kit, I'd grab a couple if I was one! If only....

      Nicki x

  2. I almost purchased this palette the last time I was in MAC. It seems so tempting and super useful for contouring and highlighting as well.

    Dejhana || Waite a Little

    1. Ooh yeah contouring would be a great thing to try with this palette! Thanks for the great idea =)

      Nicki x


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