Monday, 10 February 2014

MAC Eyeshadow Palette Update

I can't believe I only have 4 more MAC eyeshadows to get until my palette is full. My husband bought me the MAC palette and 15 pan insert for my birthday which I think is about £25 for the set. You can use the palette without the pan insert if you have more than 15 eyeshadows but I can't imagine I would buy more than 15 and I think it looks nicer with the insert.

Here are the eyeshadows currently in my palette....

Vanilla - Velvet Finish - Soft pale peachy-ivory flecked with shimmer - This is actually my least favourite shadow in the palette. I was looking for a perfect highlight shade but the texture can be quite hard to work with. I find that it lacks pigmentation and can look a little chalky. But don't worry this is the only one I have been disappointed with so far.

Coquette - Satin Finish - muted greyish taupe - I bought Coquette as I was looking for a cool toned mid-brown to use in the crease to blend out other shades and was drawn to this one because of it's taupe, and in some lights almost khaki-green, undertones. Because of this I find it works particularly well with green toned eyeshadows.

Wedge - Matte Finish - Soft warm beige taupe - Although MAC describe this as a taupe, Wedge was actually my warmer toned mid-brown choice, again great for crease work. I wanted something a bit warmer than Coquette but not too warm (orange toned) due to my pale skin and this is a perfect balance. 

soft warm beige taupe
soft warm beige taupe
soft warm beige taupe
Patina -  Frost Finish - Subdued olive brown with with a reddish golden sheen - Patina is one of my favourite shades, beaten only by Sumptuous Olive. I would personally describe it as a cool toned taupe brown with antique-y gold shimmer. I think it is one of those shades that can look very different on different skintones and paired with different eyeshadows. It is adaptable and versatile and above all just really beautiful! 

Tempting - Lustre Finish - Sinfully rich cocoa - I bought Tempting as I was looking for a powder eyeshadow which is a similar shade to the Maybelline Colour Tattoo in On and On Bronze and I think this is pretty close. It is a beautiful warm brown with gold shimmer/glitter. I was worried about the pigmentation of this one as MAC Lustre's don't have the best reputation but it is very pigmented and easy to apply with only minimal fall out. This shade could be duped with Urban Decay's Smog (found in the Naked Palette).

Sumptuous Olive -Veluxe Pearl Finish - Subdued khaki with metallic coat - This is my favourite shade in the whole palette and my most-used by far. It is a beautiful olive green with golden shimmer with fantastic pigmentation and the Veluxe Pearl Finish means it applies beautifully. This is a perfect one shade eye look option and my go-to choice for quick and easy morning application.

Club - Satin Finish - Muted reddish brown with green opalescent shimmer - Club is the most unusual eyeshadow in my palette. It is a duo-chrome shadow with a warm red-brown base and teal green shimmer. When patted on to the lid the green shimmer really stands out and when blended the red-brown tones are more prominent. I love how unique this shade is and it's one of my favourites for nights out (not that they happen very often!)

Espresso - Matte Finish - Muted golden brown - I originally bought Espresso to use for my eyebrows but it is far too warm in colour and can appear a bit orange in my brows. I therefore now use it as a crease and outer-v colour to add dimension to the eye. One of my favourite go-to looks is Sumptuous Olive on the lid and Espresso in the outer-v and blended up in to the crease. Simples.

Shale - Satin Finish - Muted mauve-plum with subtle shimmer - I'll be honest, I was hoping that Shale would be more purple in colour than it actually is and was therefore a little disappointed with it. It does seem to lack some pigmentation and needs to be built up quite a lot in order to get the colour I was hoping for, but, once there, it is lovely. As a cool-toned purple I think this one is particularly pretty on pale skin and would look amazing with green eyes.

Satin Taupe - Frost Finish - Taupe brown with silvery bronze shimmer - Taupey shades are always the hardest to describe. Like Patina I think Satin Taupe can look very different depending on skintone. On some is appears almost purple and on others it is brown. On me, the colour definitely leans more towards brown (although I would have loved it to be more more purple), I do however, still love this shade and pair it most often with Patina.

Smut - Velvet Finish - Charcoal with red frost - I am not sure I would agree with the description of this one. To me this is a charcoal with purple undertones and if there is any red frost it really isn't worth mentioning. This is a perfect softer alternative to the traditional black for smoking out an eye look or as an eyeliner. I was hesitant to buy a boring matte black for my palette and am glad that I got this instead.

So that is my MAC eyeshadow palette so far. I have 4 spaces left and have no idea what to fill them with. I am tempted by Naked Lunch as I would like a pinky-champagne shade for an easy all-over-the-lid option. Any other recommendations??.....

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  1. I love your selection :) I have satin taupe and tempting. M eyeing patina :)

    1. Patina is definitely one of my favourites, it is a really unique colour which I don't think would be that easily duped, I highly recommend it :)

      Nicki x

  2. You have some beautiful colours here!


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