Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Blogging Tip - Photography In Low Light

Taken without flash on a low-light camera setting.
Taken with flash.
Taken with daylight lamp.

Just a quick blog post for today guys, I went shopping today and just had to show you this nifty little lamp that I picked up. Not only do I hate winter because it is cold and wet but also because the lack of daylight can be a real pain when it comes to taking blog photos.

I have been on the lookout for a daylight bulb to go in one of my lamps at home but they are surprisingly difficult to find on the high-street (I guess most people prefer softer mood lighting in their homes). On a spontaneous shopping trip to Hobbycraft with my mum today I saw this daylight lamp and thought it would be a perfect solution to my lighting issues. It was £20 and although it isn't the most attractive lamp in the world, it does fold up quite small.

I have to say it is really useful! I have included some photos above to show you the difference it makes. The first product photo was taken on a low-light setting on my new bridge camera, which can actually be really helpful on it's own but these photos were taken just before 5pm (which being February means it's basically almost night-time lol) and I think it was just a bit too dark for it to cope.

The second photo shows the same set up and the same lighting but with the flash on. This does help to get better colouring but a flash can be a bit too harsh sometimes and can create an uneven light in a photo set-up (darker around the edges). The third product photo is without flash and with the help of the daylight lamp directly above. I kept the camera setting exactly the same for all three photos. I am so impressed with the difference it makes. The good thing about this lamp is that you can adjust the position to direct the light to a specific area or use it directly above your photo composition.

The lamp is the PURElite Portable Lamp and it is low heat, energy saving and long life apparently. I honestly have only used this today but I think it is going to become my new blogging best friend! I have done a quick google search and have found the same lamp on Amazon - link if you're interested, although it seems to be a couple of pound more than in Hobbycraft.

They did have fancier and bigger lamps but they very quickly went up in price so I thought I would try this one out first.

Do you have any blogging photography tips that other bloggers may find useful? Please share in the comments below....

P.S Please excuse my lack of ironing on my table runner! Seriously, who has time for ironing?!

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