Thursday, 27 February 2014

Beauty Travel Tip - How To Travel Light

We would all like to take our favourite beauty lotions and potions on holiday with us, but airport weight restrictions and tiny suitcases don't always allow it, so I thought I would share a little tip to help you travel light. A tip that I am currently using to pack for a mid-week city break to Berlin with the hubby!

I bought these empty plastic travel containers in Savers for a few pound, which allow you to easily decant your favourite products for travelling ease. You get one atomiser spray bottle, one bottle with a screw cap and another with a pump, as well as two small pots and a mini funnel to help pour your products without creating a mess, all in a handy transparent wash bag.

I have filled my bottles with conditioner, shampoo and shower gel and used one of the little pots to house some of my Body Shop Aloe Day Cream, my current choice of moisturiser as it's nice and thick, hydrating and perfect for sensitive skin. The hair conditioner is completely the wrong consistency to keep in the atomiser bottle so I would have preferred two pump bottles, but I can just unscrew the lid in order to use it.

The other travel essentials I am packing in this wash bag are a mini perfume atomiser bottle (a dupe of the handy Travalo which I bought on ebay for a couple quid - see this post) which is much easier to travel with than a full sized perfume bottle and this mini bottle of Hask Argan Oil which I got from Primark, which smells gorgeous and leaves your hair lovely and soft.

No longer do I need to pack full sized shampoo and conditioner bottles for a three day mini-break and instead can save some space in my suitcase for the inevitable holiday shopping spree, now that sounds like a plan! 

Although I bought this set in Savers, I have seen similar sets in Boots, Superdrug, Primark and Wilkinsons (link), here is a link to a similar set on Amazon - link

Do you have any beauty travel tips?

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