Thursday, 21 November 2013

MAC Eyeshadow - Shale

Another month, another MAC Eyeshadow purchase. This is now the 6th shadow I have bought and I have had to transfer them all in to my Unii palette because I ran out of space in my e.l.f quad palette.

I recently popped in to MAC in the Westfield Shopping Centre in Stratford to do some swatching. Is it me or are the MAC sales assistant really intimidating?? And in my experience so far, not overly friendly.

I swatched away and added a number of eyeshadows to my wish list but finally decided on the shade Shale for November's MAC purchase. Unfortunately they didn't have Shale in stock in pan form so I had to make my usual monthly Debenhams order later that day. Which I really don't mind because it's free delivery with a Debenhams Beauty Club Card and the delivery is usually very quick.

Shale is a beautiful mauve purple with a slight silver shimmer. It is actually quite similar to Satin Taupe but with more purple (what I was originally hoping Satin Taupe would be, although I do still love the colour). In fact it is so similar to Satin Taupe that they complement and blend in to one another beautifully. My favourite way to wear this so far has been Shale on the lid and Satin Taupe in the crease with a little of Urban Decay's Naked2 to blend it out.

Shale is a great option if you want to try purple eyeshadow without going for a really obvious bright purple colour. It is a very subtle way to wear purple and would complement green eyes amazingly! Unfortunately mine are boring and brown.

I have a feeling that the husband has bought me a 15 pan pro palette for Christmas, mainly because I mentioned it as a potential present idea if he was stuck and he very un-subtley hinted that he had been to MAC a couple of days later (by unsubtle I mean that he showed me the word MAC on the top of a receipt - the guy CANNOT keep a secret!). I'm so excited that I'll finally be able to give my eyeshadows a proper home. How sad is that??

Other shades currently on my 'to buy' list are...

Any other recommendations? Let me know by commenting below....

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