Thursday, 3 October 2013

My MAC Eyeshadow Quad - Complete!

If you are a regular reader of my blog you will know that for the past few months I have been slowly building a MAC eyeshadow quad palette. As MAC eyeshadows are pretty expensive (£10 per eyeshadow if you buy them in the pan) I had to spread it out and decided to buy one eyeshadow per month. The proper MAC Pro Palette (empty) is, in itself, £6.50 so I actually bought a much cheaper version for £1.50 from e.l.f.

As you can see, it is month 4 and I have finally filled my palette! I have to say, I am really happy with it! A lot of research was involved in this quad quest and I have looked at a shocking amount of swatches online and watched a crazy amount of YouTube videos to make sure my money wouldn't go to waste.

I based my decisions on my skin tone and of course the colours I am likely to wear. I would say that it is, overall, a neutrals palette but with a twist of colour to make it a bit special.

The first shade I purchased was Espresso, a matte chocolate brown which I was hoping to use both as an eyeshadow and to fill in my eyebrows. Unfortunately it is a bit too red-toned for my eyebrows but I have found it useful as a crease colour.

The second shade I picked up is the greatly coveted Satin Taupe, a grey-brown taupe shade with a hint of purple. This is by far one of the most recommended MAC eyeshadows but for good reason. It works well both as an all-over lid colour, or in the crease to add definition with another neautral colour.

The third colour I purchased was Club, a duo-chrome red-toned brown with teal green shimmer. This is probably my favourite shade out of all of them because it is very unique and bold. When the colour is packed on the lid it looks very green and shimmery but when blended out it is mostly brown.

The final shade added to my MAC quad is Patina. This was a difficult decision as I found quite a few shades I wanted to try in my research. I can often find golds quite difficult to wear because of my fair skin and pink-red undertones but this is quite a cool toned muted antique-y gold. Again, as with Club and Satin Taupe, I think it is quite a unique shade.

I absolutely love my completed MAC quad, I think all four shades complement eachother and can easily be mixed and matched to create different looks. Espresso works very well blended in to the crease with Club over the lid and Satin Taupe and Patina work particularly well together. I think this quad will be a perfect eyeshadow accompaniment for the colder months in particular as the shades are quite autumnal.

The only problem is that I have become a little obsessed with MAC eyeshadows now. I know that they are far too expensive and that some cheaper brands have offerings just as good in the eyeshadow department but there is something special and luxurious about them. I have also loved researching the different colours, working out which would be right for me and counting down till pay day every month so that I can place my carefully chosen order.

I am tempted to keep going and to slowly build up a 15 pan palette collection, it may take a very long time but I'll enjoy it. What do you think? Is 15 just too many??

Do you own any MAC Eyeshadows? Which colours do you recommend? Let me know by commenting below...

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  1. Buying the Elf palette is such a good idea! I'm thinking of starting a MAC palette soon. I love the colour club :)


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