Tuesday, 6 August 2013

My Nails Inc. Collection

I have never actually purchased a full-price Nails Inc. nail varnish. A couple of years ago Glamour magazine were doing a free gift which was a full sized polish and I guess I bought 5 copies of the magazine because I ended up with this little collection!

The colours from left to right are Shoreditch, Victoria & Albert, Hampstead Heath, Saville Row and Victoria.

Shoreditch and Victoria & Albert are lovely bright colours for Summer whereas Hampstead Heath, Saville Row and Victoria are definitely better for the Autumn/Winter months. My favourites are Shoreditch which is a gorgeous happy girly pink colour and Hampstead Heath which just looks really classic.

Full price I believe the polishes are around £11 which I personally think is far too much to spend on a nail varnish. Especially when you can get really good ones in the high-street for £5 or less (Bourjois, Barry M and Rimmel in particular), but then I am not that in to nail varnish. I am not someone who has to have my nails painted at all times and annoyingly I enjoy picking it off too much to make it worth doing regularly.

The price could potentially be justified if the polish was very easy to apply, only needed one coat, was fast drying and lasted for around a week. Unfortunately the Nails Inc. polishes do not meet all these criteria. They apply nicely and dry reasonably quickly, need on average 2 coats and chip very easily on my nails. I would say two days of chip-free wear if I am lucky. The colours however, are lovely.

I am really glad I picked these up with the magazine as it worked out at only £2 per polish (if I remember correctly) and they are really nice classic colours but I wouldn't buy any at full-price.

Do you wear Nails Inc. polishes? Do you think they are worth the momey? What are your favourite nail varnish brands?

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  1. I love the Hampstead Heath polish and your blog!

    I'm a new beauty blogger and follower and was wondering if you could check out mine if you have time, I've just done a post of nail polish too :)



  2. Hannah 'Dodo' Fry10 August 2013 at 16:06

    I use Rimmel nail polish as they are £2.99 and they go on really nicely. I found some of the more expensive ones were streaky and didn't set well. Also, on my recent travels to America I got two lovely 'Sin' nail vanishes which were $1.99 each!! Cheap and cheerful but it works for me! :-)


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