Sunday, 4 August 2013

Battle of the Anti-Redness Powders - Clinique vs. E.L.F

As someone with pale skin, red patches and areas of pigmentation can be very obvious and difficult to conceal. I have recently been experimenting with colour correcting powders (or de-redener powder things are the hubby likes to call them!) which not only set your makeup and help it to last longer but also help to mask redness and even-out skintone.

I started with Cliniques Redness Solutions Instant Relief Powder which is a yellow powder which you can read more about in my previous post here. Clinique's powder is very finely milled with subtle colour-correcting effects and does not look at all powdery once applied to the face. But at £25 for only 9.6g of product it isn't the most cost-effective daily solution.

I then came across the brand e.l.f and placed a large order (you can read the haul post here). Included in this order was the e.l.f Tone Correcting Powder in 'Colour Cool' which is just £3.75 for 13.5g. The good thing about this product is that it has four separate colours (green, blue, yellow and pink) which you can either use individually or all together.

Top - Clinique Redness Solutions Powder, Bottom - e.l.f Tone Correctintg Powder 'Colour Cool'
I was using the Clinique Powder daily for a couple of months and have been using the e.l.f one every day for over a week. This is how the two compare..

Clinique Redness Solutions Instant Relief Powder

  • Very subtle colour correcting effects
  • Does not look powdery on the skin and instead feels very natural
  • Does not leave an overly matte finish to the skin but is good for oil control
  • Better for those with dry skin

e.l.f  Tone Correcting Powder

  • Surprisingly dramatic colour correcting effects compared to the Clinique powder
  • More obvious on the skin, can appear quite powdery if not applied lightly
  • Very mattifying
  • Can make skin appear paler (particularly in flash photography) which I don't mind so much because I am so pale already but wouldn't be great for those who like the bronze look
  • Better for those with oily skin
I actually really like both powders and will use them both in future. On particularly dry skin days and for evenings out I will definitely use the Clinique powder but for day use when my skin is red and patchy and not as dry I will use the e.l.f powder.

If you suffer with redness or hyper-pigmentation I would really recommend the e.l.f powder as I think it is really great value for money. If you are worried about it making you look too pale e.l.f do have a 'Colour Warm' version which would be better for those with warmer complexions. They do also have a 'Colour Shimmer' version is you like a little shimmer in your powder.
Have you tried either of these powders? Have you found any other good anti-redness products? Let me know by commenting below...

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  1. The E.L.F Powder looks amazing and I can't believe how cheap it was! I used to use something similar it was one of those 'JML' type products that had colour corrector pigments in. I have to say that it really worked to even out my skin tone and I used it instead of foundation!

    Nice to see a more cost effective version, the clinique looks too yellow for me!

    Ellie xx xx

  2. How do u wear it? Over your foundation or by itself??????

    1. You could do either really. The powders do not provide much coverage though so I prefer to use them over the top of foundation, which also helps to set the foundation in place and make it last a bit longer. If I had better skin and didn't need foundation I would be tempted to use the powders on their own.

      Nicki x


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