Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Travel Perfume Atomisers

Just a quick one today folks. I thought I would let you know about these really handy perfume atomisers that I bought on Ebay. My handbag is far too heavy as it is to carry around a big bottle of perfume as well, but it's nice to have the option to top up your perfume and spray your favourite scent while you're out and about.

These aren't the Travalo atomisers which have become very popular but are actually a copy and you get get them from about £2 (I think the Travalos are about £10 each). They are a bit smaller but I actually prefer that as I can put them in the little makeup bag in my handbag.

I currently have two. In the red one I have Hugo Deep Red (seemed appropriate) and in the purple one I have Ghost Whisper. The seller I used doesn't seem to be selling them anymore but if you search for 'perfume atomiser' on Ebay there are loads of different ones.

The great thing about these atomisers is how easy they are to fill up. You simply take off the little spray cap that you get on your perfume bottle so that you can see the small plastic tube and you just place the bottom of the atomiser (you will see a small hole) over this tube and pump. This pumps the perfume in to the atomiser but once removed the atomiser will not leak. Very clever!

I love these things. I think they are really handy and great for the price. I even bought some for my bridesmaids to go with their bridesmaids gifts. Perfect for presents and perfect for yourself! I think I may get a couple more.

Have you tried these atomisers? Let me know by commenting below....

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