Thursday, 18 July 2013

Real Techniques Makeup Brush Dupes

This blog post, like it's subject matter, is somewhat of a dupe. I have seen a few blog posts on these products over the the last few weeks but I was so intrigued by them I just had to  buy some for myself and I thought I would share with you my own opinion on them....

It's no secret that I am a Real Techniques by Samantha Chapman fan. I own practically the whole collection and currently have my eye on the Limited Edition Duo Fiber Set. My most used brushes are the ones I use for foundation, both the Buffing Brush and the Expert Face Brush (which is a little bit denser than the Buffing Brush and allows slightly more coverage).

I love both brushes and use them daily. The only problem is that when I get around to my bi-monthly brush wash I am left without a brush until they all dry. I wanted a couple of spares to cover me on days like these but also so that I can chuck one in my handbag on occasion.

I didn't however, want to pay out £10 for another Expert Face Brush or £20 for another Core Collection set for the Buffing Brush

From Top - Joursna Brush 1, Joursna Brush 2, Real Techniques Buffing Brush and Real Techniques Expert Face Brush

Then I came across a couple of blog posts on some Real Techniques 'dupes' available on Ebay. I don't condone fakes sold on Ebay but as much as these brushes look like Real Techniques they nowhere actually claim to be them. They don't even mention the Real Techniques name, instead they are all branded with the name 'Joursna'. Based on other blogger's reviews they sounded pretty close to the real thing and at only £2.59 per brush (including delivery) I couldn't resist giving them a go.

I ordered brush 1 and 2, one of which looked very similar to the Buffing Brush. The other is slightly different and they didn't seem to have a dupe for the Expert Face Brush. I really impressed when they arrived as they are so soft and well made.

Left - Real Techniques Buffing Brush, Right - Joursna Brush 2

Both brushes applied my foundation really well. When using the Buffing Brush dupe (no.2), I used the real thing for one half of my face and the dupe for the other and the application was seamless. I really couldn't see a difference at all.

The other 'dupe' (no.1) is different to the other brushes in that it has a slightly pointed head which is actually really useful for applying foundation in the trickier areas of the face such as around the nose. I might even go as far as to say that the 'dupes' are softer than the RT brushes.

From Left - Real Techniques Expert Face Brush, Real Techniques Buffing Brush, Joursna Brush 2, Joursna Brush 1

I am a Real Techniques girl at heart and will always use my Real Technique brushes over the dupes but when they are drying or if ever I need to take a brush out in my handbag then these make fantastic spares. I may even pick up a spare stippling brush as well.

Although it doesn't look very obvious in the photos, the gold packaging is a slightly different colour. I do wish I had bought them with the blue handles instead as it would be more obvious that they are not Real Techniques. The blue ones are about 50p more expensive but still a bargain! I don't really feel guilty about buying these as I have already spent my money on the originals.

If you're interested these 'dupes' can be found here. Or you can read this lovely blog where I found out all about them...

Would you ever buy brush dupes? Have you tried these ones? Let me know by commenting below...

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  1. wow they're actually hard to tell apart until you see the handle difference! nice find :) xo

  2. You would really think that they were the same - I love dupes great post!

  3. Thanks for the comments girls, I really can't ever tell the difference between them. I just reach for a brush everyday and never bother checking with brand it is, they all work brilliantly.

    Nicki x


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