Friday, 14 June 2013

The Quest For The Perfect Eyebrow Product

I hate my eyebrows! They are long, gappy, an awkward colour and very high-maintenance. I am currently using the Maybelline Master Shape Eyebrow Pencil in Soft Brown to tame them on a daily basis which I like because of it's waxy texture but the colour is a little too red toned for me so I decided to go on a quest for a new eyebrow product. 

There is so much choice when it comes to eyebrow products...pencils, pens, powders, gels.... so I wanted to buy a few options and compare. The only problem is that I am a little broke at the moment. I have recently discovered the Fragrance Direct website and they had a few cheap options so I decided to do a mini haul.

I picked up the Manhattan Professional Eyebrow Kit (£1.50) which includes two eyebrow powders and a tinted wax to keep the eyebrows in place. I also picked up the Prestige BrowPerfection Brow Building System in Light Brown (£2.50) which is more like a mascara with a wand on each end, one for filling in and tinting the eyebrows and the other is a clear gel to also keep the eyebrows in place. The final product I ordered was the Une Eye Brow Pencil in B05 (£1.49).

I thought that this would be good range of products for me to play around with. They were all between £1.50 and £2.50 so I knew they may not be the best quality but I was hoping I might find a winner.

The Prestige BrowPerfection Brow Building System was by far the worst of the products. I liked the idea of it but the colour was completely wrong for me, far too light and orangey. I also have quite gappy eyebrows so although this tints the hairs it doesn't have the ability to fill in eyebrows and make them look fuller. It also leaves your eyebrows feeling a little bit crispy. This product would work better for someone who has full eyebrows that just need a little bit of brushing and setting in place but it just looked awful on mine.

The Manhattan Professional Eyebrow Kit had a slightly better colour match to my eyebrows (I think my eyebrows still look quite orange from the Prestige BrowPerfection in the picture) but I have always found eyebrow powders quite hard to work with. It is difficult to work accurately and you don't get the individual hairs look. It is quite easy to over-do powders and make your eyebrows too full. I tried it with the little brush provided and then with the Real Techniques Brrow Brush. With a lot of practice I may be able to make this one work and having two colour options is a bonus.

The Une Eye Brow Pencil was probably my favourite out of the three, although this one may be a little bit too dark for me. The pencil is very soft so it is again difficult to work with accurately but brushed out with a spoolie brush it looks a bit better and it is more accurate than the other two options. A setting gel would be needed over the top of this one.

I think until I find a better option for my eyebrows I will use a mixture of the Une Eye Brow Pencil and my Maybelline Master Shape to get a better colour balance with a clear mascara over the top to set it all in place, and I'll start practicing with the Manhattan Eyebrow Kit.

I am ideally looking for a dark brown eyebrow pencil with more of a grey undertone than a red/orange undertone, but I think I may have to pay a little bit more for a decent product. Any recommendations??...

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  1. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this post, especially as it's the first time I've seen on entirely based on the best eyebrow products! As someone who notices people's eyebrows straight away, I think everyone should find their holy grail product
    Bekki / x

    1. Thank you so much :) it's amazing how much eyebrows can change the look of someones face, I didn't even think about using eyebrow products until this year and I am so glad I do now. Still waiting for that holy grail product though!

      Nicki x

  2. Ohmygod my brows are the bane of my life too! Mine are really blonde and really sparse so they're basically invisible. I generally use a Rimmel brow pencil, then the light brown from a HD brow powder kit on top. I'd love to have them semi tattooed on in a lovely shape so I didn't have to worry about them. In fact, if I had nicer brows I'd probably be willing to go makeup free more often!

    The Une Eye Brow Pencil definitely gave the best finish in my opinion :) xx

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