Sunday, 30 June 2013

The Bright Red Lip

I am reasonably new to lipstick, I never really bothered with lip products in the past, not even lip gloss on a night out as I am just far too lazy and lip products can be quite high-maintenance. But now looking back at photos I can see that I sometimes looked a little bare and in some cases a little dead.

So I have started changing this habit and have been wearing subtle and nude lipsticks to work everyday and when I am out and about. I have really enjoyed doing so and feel it has made quite a difference to my overall makeup look so I thought it was time to be a bit more daring.

I only have a small lipstick collection at the moment and have started with high-street brands with only one high-end lipstick (Mac of course - see this post). One lipstick look I absolutely love on other people is the bright red lip. When done right it can look glamorous, sexy and confident. Three things that I am not. I am completely terrified of the bright red lip. I remember playing around with red lipstick when I was younger and have horrifying memories of it going wonky, smearing, trying to remove it and it basically smudging all over my face making me look like a clown. 

A YouTube video by Lily Pebbles at What I Heart Today (see video here) inspired me to finally give the look a try. I wasn't sure if I would like it and didn't want to buy an expensive red lipstick in case I hated it so instead I went for a budget option. My budget red lip of choice is MUAs Lipstick in shade 13 which was only £1! I wasn't expecting it to be the best quality but mainly just wanted to try the colour which in this lipstick is an orange toned red. Based on Lily's advice I also bought the MUA Lip Liner in shade Red Drama again for £1. I used her advice for the matte red lipstick look, the MUA lipstick isn't actually matte but it worked well.

I used my magnifying mirror (which I have been trying to use less but in this case was a necessity) to make sure that I applied the lip liner accurately and then applied the red lipstick straight from the bullet filling in between the lines. I then blotted the lips using some tissue and applied it again. I also did the lipstick finger test to make sure I wouldn't get any on my teeth (if you're not sure what the lipstick finger test is, Lily demonstrates it in her tutorial). 

For a £1 lipstick I am pretty impressed actually! The lipstick goes on really smoothly, doesn't seem at all drying and had pretty reasonable staying-power, even with eating and drinking. The lip liner was also very soft and easy to use. I have to say, I really like the look. It is quite bright and scary for someone who never used to wear lipstick at all but I think it would be great for a night out (maybe not for work just yet!). The shade of red is nice but I would like to try a cooler toned red as I feel it may complement my fair skintone a bit more. I do have my eye on Macs Ruby Woo but need to make sure I am comfortable wearing a red lip out before I invest in a £14 lipstick!

Are you a red lip wearer? What are your favourite red lipsticks? Let me know by commenting below...

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