Thursday, 6 June 2013

No.7 Ballerina Beauty Blush Palette

I have been a little obsessed with cream blushers at the moment. I went from no blusher at all to cream blushers pretty much straight away and seemed to skip over powder formulations.

I have decided to try a few powder blushers to see if I like them as much as cream ones and I am currently saving for a Nars blusher as I have heard that they are pretty damn good.

A couple of months ago I bought the No.7 Ballerina Beauty Blush Palette. To be honest I just loved the packaging and the look of the powder with its beautiful semi circular detail of different shades. I wish I had taken a picture of my one straight away because there was a really pretty bow embossed below the semi circle (see picture below) which was absolutley adorable but literally two swatches with my powder brush and it disappeared like magic!

I only swatched it that once, thought it was pretty and then it ended up in the back of my drawer and was forgotten about, until now. After writing my cream blushers post I decided it was time to give some powder blushes a try and remembered I had this little beauty.

So I dug it out and applied it with my Real Techniques Powder Brush (a great brush but perhaps a little too big for applying blusher, must invest in their blusher brush!). It seemed quite subtle but I was running a bit late for work so didn't have a lot of time to examine the effects.

Throughout the day I would catch a glance of my reflection in my peripheral (I work in a shop with a lot of mirrors!) and I noticed that something was different. Good different. The blusher gave my cheeks a really lovely flush of pink but instead of the dewy fresh look of a cream blsuher this was a much softer look, and I really liked it! One of the main differences is that this powder blusher has a range of shades and a bit of shimmer, something that cream blushers don't. It gave a really different effect with an almost doll-like blush look (in a good way!). Just natural and pretty which perfectly complements pale and fair skin.

Cream blushers are probably better for summer when you want that more dewy glow but this one has become a bit of a novelty for me at the moment and my Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge and Stila Convertible Colour have both been left untouched for a good few days as I have been enjoying using the Ballerina Blusher so much.

The No.7 Ballerina Beauty Blush Palette is part of the limited edition No.7 Summer Collection, it is out of stock on the Boots website but you may still be able to get it in-store.

Based on this experience I think I will give a few more powder blushers a chance, but don't get me wrong I still LOVE the cream formulations and these will probably still be my main pick for summer. See this post for a picture of me wearing this blusher.

Have you tried the Ballerina Blusher? Do you prefer powder or cream blushes?

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