Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Nicky Clarke Straighten and Curl Styling Tool

I can't remember when I first started straightening my hair, I must have been about 17. As someone with naturally fairly straight hair they have never been something I use on a very regular basis. I tend to use them more for curling than straightening these days. I have only ever owned one pair of straighteners, The Morphy Richards Mark Hill 22020 Straighteners and they have served me well.

A month or so before the wedding my sister and I were having a makeup and hair trial day when my straighteners decided to up and die on us. They kept flicking on and off, we tried taping the wire in the right place which worked as long as it didn't move. Have you ever tried curling your hair with hair straighteners when you can't move them? Not easy. It was a lost cause.

So I had to go on the hunt for a new pair. Who knew there were so many to choose from?! I wanted a pair that would work well for straightening and curling my hair so the Nicky Clarke Straighten and Curl Styling Tool seemed like a pretty good choice, even better because they were on sale for about £20 on Amazon! Sold.

The thing that swayed me was that these straighteners have titanium plates that heat up on the outside as well as in the middle so theoretically any hair that is wrapped around the tongs should have a more impressive curl that lasts longer.

I had read a few mixed reviews about it's curling ability but I was really impressed. I tried straightening first which was easy-peasy and left my hair straight and shiny. I then tried curling by twisting the hair around the tongs, starting at the top, whilst simultaneously pulling the tongs through the hair to the ends. Does that make sense?! I have used this technique for years but never with such good results.

The curls were pretty immense! Sort of tight ringlets which I wouldn't normally choose but after some teasing and brushing they were tamed to much softer loose curls. I have also never had curls that have stayed in for so long. To be fair this may also be due to the damage caused by my recent ombre-ing.

I am so impressed with these straighteners, especially with the £20 price tag! If you're looking to buy some straighteners that are good for curling as well, I highly recommend these. Just be careful, having plates on the outside took some getting used to and my fingers paid the price a few times!

Do you use straighteners or curlers to curl your hair? Which ones do you think work best? Let me know by commenting below...

(Apologies for the terrible photography, my camera battery died just as I finished curling my hair so I had to use my kindle camera instead).

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