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L'oreal Preference Wild Ombre Kit

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Apart from a couple of slightly shorter hair styles and a brief experimentation with semi-permanent hair dye, my hair has always been the same. Since I was a child I have pretty much had long straight brown hair, and that's it.

I have always been put off dying my hair because of the amount of maintenance involved. The idea of having to re-do my roots every few weeks seemed like a nightmare. Especially since my hair grows at at break-neck speed.

I knew after the wedding I wanted a bit of a change and then I fell in love with the Ombre look. I know that it is really popular now and a lot of girls/women have it but I just think it looks so pretty! Especially at this time of year as it looks almost sun-kissed. The only problem was the cost. With a very recent wedding and honeymoon and the new aim of saving for a deposit for a house I couldn't afford to visit a salon. So instead I took a massive risk and bought the at-home L'oreal Preference Wild Ombre Kit No.2.

With an old towel around my shoulders, my hair clipped it to birds nest sections and a bleaching kit carefully balanced on my sink, I prayed that it would turn out alright. The kit itself is really easy to use, once the different components are all mixed together you simply squirt it on to the handy brush and apply it to the ends of your hair, avoiding the roots of course as that's the look we are going for.

I started at the very ends first and then slightly higher up so that the ends were covered in dye for longer, hoping that this would create a gradient effect. You are supposed to keep the dye on for 25 - 45 minutes. After 25 minutes the ends of my hair were looking very blonde so I washed it off and lathered in the special shampoo. But once I dried my hair it really wasn't that light at the bottom. It was a very very subtle change which did look like my hair had just caught the sun a little bit. No one really noticed it or mentioned it.

I didn't want bleach blonde hair at the bottom but I did want it a little more obvious, otherwise what was the point? So I left it about a week (a week of a lot of intensive conditioning because my god that stuff dries your hair out!) and then bought another kit and tried again.

I knew I would have to leave the dye on for quite a while but I did have a base of colour already so I left this one for about 35 mins and washed it off, again using the special shampoo to condition the hair. This time when I dried my hair the colour was perfect, exactly what I was going for, with a lovely caramel colour starting gradually at my shoulders all the way to the bottom.

I am hopefully getting my haircut next week - seriously overdue! This photo is about 6 weeks after I did it so I'm still pretty pleased with the colour.

The kit was really easy. I did worry that there would be a really obvious line between brown and blonde but it has a really natural gradient and it looks perfect for summer. I love it! It also looks great in a side plait or fish tail and curls really make the ends look blonde.

I am really glad I didn't spend £50 - £70, or however much it would have been, to get it done at the salon. I am not saying definitely do it yourself at home because I know some people may have different results, but for me, this little kit worked and it only cost about £6. Summer hair on a budget, what more could I ask for?

Have you tried the at home kit? Do you think it is better to go to a salon? Let me know what you think by commenting below...

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