Thursday, 20 June 2013

Happy Feet

Dry and scaley feet are not a good look for summer! In winter you are fortunate enough to not have to worry about ugly feet, you don't need to pamper those toes and keep up with regular pedicures, you can just wrap your feet up in some warm fluffy socks and nobody knows what is hiding inside.

In summer out come the flip flops and sandals and in my case the need for a major foot pamper session. It isn't a particularly glamourous process but it makes a world of difference.

I always like to start my foot pamper session in the bath, as completing the one legged-flamingo dance whilst you try and scrub your feet in the shower is just downright dangerous, especially if you lack adhesive ducks (Big Bang Theory fans anyone??). The other bonus of being in the bath is that the hot water softens the skin and makes it much easier to scrub. I first start with a pumice stone (from Boots) and concentrate on any hard/dry skin areas (gross I know!) and after my feet start to feel a bit smoother and the worst is gone I use a foot scrub.

The lovely looking foot scrub jar above is courtesy of the even lovelier Essie Button and her DIY Foot Scrub Post which I highly recommend you check out. It is made with coarse sea salt, sweet almond oil, peppermint oil and lemon zest. It smells lovely and fresh! This was originally meant as part of a present for my sisters birthday but I had to give it a try and has sort of just stayed in my bathroom...and I keep using it. Sorry Clare! I'll make another one. (Also, I bought the jar at The Works for 99p if you're wondering).

With this foot scrub I just scoop up a small handful and rub it all over my feet. The sea salt works as an exfoliator and the oils keep your feet nice and soft and moisturised. Once I am out of the bath I sometimes rub a little extra almond oil on my feet and put on a nice pair of socks, to let the oil work its magic and so that I don't leave oily footprints all over the carpet.

If you have excessively dry and hard skin on your feet you could do some extra scrubbing out of the bath with something like the plastic device shown above. What is that called?!...Anyway, it has two sides, one slightly rougher than the other and it sort of files away any dry skin. The Boots Hard Skin Reducing Cream is also very good at keeping your feet nice and soft and was a real help when I was working in a shop last year and I was on my feet all day everyday, both knackering and damaging to the feet!

So that's basically it. All that's left to do is add a lick of nail polish and my feet look much prettier and ready to be seen by the world. Bring on the flip flops!

Don't forget to check out Essie Button's post, she also did one on a caffeine body scrub but I haven't gotten around to giving that one a go yet.

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  1. Lovely post hun! Doing feet is such a chore i think but we all should look after them especially in Summer haha! I am still yet to try Essies foot scrub bt defo on my to do list!!


    1. Thanks hun! Yes definitely a chore haha. I recommend making the scrub, it was really fun =) xxxxxx


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