Thursday, 30 May 2013

The Wedding Look Part Two - Hair

Not only was my sister a massive help with my wedding makeup, she was also my saviour when it came to the hair style! I did have a hair trial as well as a makeup trial with a professional and to be honest I did like the hair style she did, it wasn't perfect but it looked nice. The only problem was that I felt like I couldn't move my head in case it all fell out which it inevitably did about half an hour later. Not great when you need it to stay in all day and evening!

My sister has always been good at doing hair and spent about an hour curling the hair of half my friends on my hen-do before our cocktail making lesson. She offered to try doing my hair for the wedding and I knew I would be in good hands. Being my sister it also meant I could be honest and tell her if I didn't like it.

I originally wanted an up-do but I have always preferred my hair down and decided I would be more comfortable with this on the day. We decided on a curly hair-do with a middle parting with two french plaits crowning the head and pinned up at the back with some back-combing on top. We had a couple of practice runs, one of which was the day my hair straighteners decided to die and it left me with a very stressed out sister. It's a lot of pressure after all!

But on the day it turned out exactly how I wanted it. This is how we (or she!) achieved the look...

I started off in the morning by washing my hair and then we went to town with the Tresemme 24 Hour Body Range. We first of all applied the Blow Dry Lotion and Root Boosting Spray on wet hair and then blow dried it so that it was only a little damp. She then spent a long time putting my hair in to rollers to create the curls and boost the roots. The rollers we used were the Diva Professional Styling Stay Hot Rollers. We then left these in whilst we got ready to go to the venue where I would finish getting ready in the Bridal Suite. They must have been in for around 2 or 3 hours in total and they worked brilliantly. They took care of most of the curl and gave great volume.

We kept two sections of hair free (around 2 - 3 inches wide) starting at the front and towards the ears for the plaits. She then started adding some extra curls with the Morphy Richards Mark Hill 22020 Straighteners. Once the hair was all curled she started on the back-combing and used a Bump-It to help keep it all in place as well as adding some extra height. She used a hundred kirby grips (or bobby pins) to keep the bump in place and then french-plaited the front sections of hair and pulled it all together at the back with another hundred kirby grips. My hair was not going anywhere any time soon!

To add some decoration she pinned in a decorative brooch which was once attached to a headband I bought from Aldo. We then used the Tresemme 24 Hour Body Finishing Spray and a lot of Wella Silvikrin Classic Hairspray. For the ceremony we also attached my finger-tip length veil just above the brooch which slid in with its own comb and simply pulled it out after the photos for the reception.

My hair stayed in really well all day! It was a pretty windy day so some extra curling and a little re-pinning was needed after the outside photos but apart from that I didn't need to worry about it at all. I loved the hair style, it was exactly what I wanted and I am so grateful to have such a talented sister, so thank you Clare for being so patient and handy with a box of rollers!

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