Wednesday, 15 May 2013

The Urban Decay Naked Palette - Wedding Eyeshadows

By far the most expensive makeup item I bought for my wedding makeup bag was the Urban Decay Naked Palette, and at £36 (Debenhams) I didn't take the decision lightly. There was a lot (and I mean a lot) of uuming and aahing over this one, my poor fiance!

As I am not a regular eyeshadow wearer I was having a lot of trouble deciding what sort of eyeshadows to wear on my wedding day but knew I wanted to stick with neutral colours. Just google netural eyeshadow palette and see how many results mention the Urban Decay Naked Palette! With hundreds, possibly thousands of reviews the product has undoubtedly reached cult status and it seemed unlikely that that many people could be wrong about a product. My decision was made.

But then I had another choice to make...1 or 2?! Again, I found hundreds of comparisons and everyone seemed to disagree about which palette was better. Each seemed to have their pros and cons and it left me very confused. The woman on the Urban Decay counter at Debenhams was very patient and talked through the options with me. She suggested that 2 may complement my complexion better as the colours are cool-toned where as the 1st Naked Palette has warmer colours although she assured me that both would look good.

I was pretty sure I would hate the feel of the packaging for 1 but I really wanted to the mini primer it came with and wasn't at all bothered about the mini lipgloss included in the 2nd.

Eventually I decided on 2, thanked the woman and headed to the perfume department only to return slightly embarrassed 10 minutes later to swap it for the original Naked Palette and that's the one I stuck with.

The eyeshadows are amazingly pigmented, the colours are gorgeous and I have used it so many times since I bought it. I didn't think I would actually say it but I do think that it's worth the money. It really will last such a long time.

My sister and I decided on shades Sin, Toasted and Hustle for the wedding. I wanted neutral colours but also quite dark as I wanted my eyes to stand out (see this blog post for a picture of me wearing them). The Mini Primer Potion is fantastic so I am glad that was my little freebie, not only does it keep the eyeshadow in place all day/evening it really makes the colours pop.

Some of the golder tones are a little harder to wear because of the pink undertone to my face so perhaps the Naked 2 Palette would have been a little better for me. I can't see myself being able to justify buying the 2nd one as well but maybe if Santa needs some ideas next Christmas?

In the meantime I have heard that MUA do a similar palette called Undress Me Too for about £4, with a price difference of £32 it might just be worth a try!

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