Sunday, 12 May 2013

Spring & Summer Nail Colours

Now that the sun has started shining I thought it was time for a Spring/Summer themed post and what better way to brighten up your day than with a beautiful spring colour on your claws. So here are my top five picks for Spring/Summer '13...


  • Barry M Nail Paint in Mint Green
  • Rimmel London 60 Seconds Nail Polish in How Do You Lilac It?
  • Rimmel London I Love Lasting Finish Fruities in Strawberry Fizz
  • Nails Inc London in Shoreditch
  • Barry M Nail Paint in Coral
I have a number of Nails Inc nail varnishes and they go on very smoothly and dry in a reasonable amount of time. However, I have found that they chip quite quickly.

The Rimmel London nail varnishes are probably my favourites and I have used them for a very long time. They come in a great range of colours and I am particularly fond of the 60 second formulas as it takes away the frustration of having to wait for them to dry. I really lack the appropriate patience when painting my nails sometimes!

The Barry M Nail Paints are a new find for me and I must say I am really impressed! They go on well, although the Mint Green needs about 3 coats to achieve the optimum shade, and they dry pretty quickly. I have also found that these have the longest staying power and don't chip as easily as some of the other brands. And if that wasn't enough, these two colours are only £2.99 each and were actually on offer when I bought them so I got them for about £5 for both! I will definitely be investing in some more of these bad boys!

Just as a side note I having been trying out the Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Top Coat and absolutely love it! Not only does it dry the polish quickly is also leaves a lovely glossy finish. The only problem is that it allows you to peel off the whole nail in one go which is just far too tempting and satisfying! I also use the Ciate Under Wear Base Coat and the Ciate Super Sexy Dry which does dry the nail varnish quickly but is more watery and reduces the glossy finish.

A couple of brands that I would like to try are the Bourjois So Laque Glossy Nail Enamels and the Topshop Nails range as I have heard really positive things about them and the colour choice of the Topshop range is so extensive!

What are your favourite nail brands? Do you have any colours picked out for Spring/Summer? Let me know by commenting below....

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  1. These are perfect shades for spring/summer, I love each one! My favorite nail polish is from Chanel, Ciate, OPI, Butters, and sometimes Essie.

    1. Thanks for the comment. I recently had a manicure done with OPI and I was really impressed with how long it lasted! May need to invest in a couple.
      Nicki x

  2. Ooh that Nails Inc polish is so pretty!!! <3 <3 xx

    Gemma | ♥ | Miss Makeup Magpie

  3. I've never seen a post on nail polish where I like every single colour before this! Love it. Nice post.

    -Megan x

    1. Thank you :-) these are all definitely my favourites at the moment
      Nicki x


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