Friday, 17 May 2013

Fragrances Part One

I have never been one to have a large collection of perfumes. I have only ever had one on the go, sometimes two if I was lucky and they would always be my favourites, ones that I had worn for years. Until recently that is. Now I am slowly building up quite a collection and it's nice to have some choice every morning.

Hugo Deep Red has been my perfume for as long as I can remember, maybe since I was about 16 (with a couple of others along the way - Gucci Rush 2 and Black XS by Paco Rabanne). Wow that's almost 10 years, what the...? It's a floral fragrance with notes of ginger leaves, freesia, hibiscus, blackcurrant, pear, tangerine, blood orange, vanilla, musk and more. It's the perfume I wore when I was at school and first met my husband and he has always loved it. Because he loved it so much I stopped using it about a year before our wedding as I wanted a bit of a change and I thought it would be nice to save it until the wedding day to wear again.

The only problem was that I then had to find a new fragrance that I loved just as much and had to spend a very very long time in Debenhams with my mum, spraying, spritzing, testing and wafting a whole lot of fragrances (it's a hard life isn't it?). That's when we discovered Ghost perfumes.

Ghost have a range of around 6 or 7 scents and each one is gorgeous. My mum and I were both particularly fond of Sweetheart, a floral and feminine fragrance with lemon, pineapple, spearmint, white flowers and sensual woods, and both of us went home that day with a new bottle.

The thing I was most impressed with was the price of Ghost perfumes. At £24.50 for 30ml it seemed pretty reasonable compared to some of the other brands. I must mention that that is for an Eau de Toilette, but I haven't come across an Eau de Parfum version yet. Because of this I have found that I need to spray a little bit more and I do get through a bottle quite quickly which I guess may have something to do with the price.

Sweetheart, as the name suggests, is very sweet, so when it came to buying a new bottle I thought I would give Ghost Whisper a go and this is now one of my favourites. This is a floral fruity scent with notes of honeysuckle, jasmine, orange flower, almond, star-fruit and creamy musks. Delicious and perfect for everyday wear, particularly in the spring/summer.

I also wanted an evening/winter perfume, something a bit darker and chose Ghost's Deep Night. Described as a floral scent with notes of apricot, peach, white wood, amber, vanilla and rose, it is quite an intense scent which is maybe too much for everyday use but lovely for an evening out. And I manged to get it in the sale for £19.99 for 50ml!

Ghost is definitely a winner in my books and I now have my eye on their latest addition, Ghost Moonlight, a floral oriental fragrance with notes of orange blossom, pink peony, lily of the valley, white chocolate, amber, sandalwood and ginger. Doesn't that sound amazing?!

Thanks to Ghost's delicious scents and reasonable prices I have been able to expand my collection a little and now have a bit more choice each morning. However, there is another brand that have completely blown me away! With amazing scents and unbelievable prices my collection has been able to grow even further. So keep an eye out for part two (coming very soon), for details. You won't want to miss it.


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