Sunday, 5 May 2013

Feelin' Dandy - An introduction to all things blush!

Until this year I had never used a blusher. I know, crazy right?! I am very pale and also have a very pink undertone to my face, something which I have always hated and if given the chance would get rid of (the pigmentation not the pale complexion). It therefore, never occurred to me to embrace the flush of colour and instead of trying to hide it completely I should have concentrated on highlighting it in the right places.

Unfortunately, the natural rosey colour is not only concentrated to the apples of my cheeks but instead it seems to travel all the way down to the jaw line. This becomes particularly obvious when I am caught in an embarrassing situation, which due to my clumsiness is a rather frequent occurrence!

It was only after my wedding make-up trial artist put a little blusher on my cheeks that I realised I could perhaps make it work for me (pretty much the only thing I liked about that trial!). And since I had deprived myself for so long of the beautiful pinks, reds and corals that can be brushed, buffed, smeared and blended across the cheeks, I have now gone a little OTT to say the least!

It might seem a little courageous but the first blusher I tried was actually a cheek stain. Wanting to give blusher a try but without really knowing where to start I invested in the Benefit Feelin' Dandy Perk Me Up... Lip and Cheek Kit (£25.50). A fantastic set which includes minatures of Posietint Lip and Cheek Stain, the High Beam highlighter, the Dandelion Powder Blusher and the Dandelion Lip Gloss. This was the perfect starter kit for me as I could try a few different products for the price of one. The Dandelion blusher is a gorgeous pale pink as is Posietint and thus should complement pale skin perfectly.

I fell in love with the cheek stain straight away. Admittedly it is a little hard to work with because it is a stain and dries VERY quickly and it took a bit of practice. I actually found it is easier to dip a little on the back of my hand as a palette and then spread over the cheeks with my finger. This does leave a little stain on the hand but I'd rather that than a big pink blotch on the face!

I was also very pleased with the Dandelion Powder and actually used both on my wedding day along with a little High Beam on the top of my cheek bones. So really the Feelin' Dandy Kit was a perfect addition to the wedding make-up bag, especially when going for the English Rose look. 
Me on my wedding day wearing Posietint, Dandelion
Powder Blusher and High Beam, all applied by my lovely sister.

I do really like the Dandelion Powder but prefered the look of the cheek stain just because it looked a little more natural on my dry and dull complexion. Once I had tried a cheek stain and a powder blush the next experiment would inevitably be with cream blusher and I thought it best to try some new colours as well. 

With an unhealthy bank balance and a No.7 voucher in hand I popped in to Boots and picked up the No.7 Natural Blush Cream in Romantic (usually £8 but with my voucher only £5). I LOVE this blusher! I wasn't entirely sure of the best way to apply it to begin with and started with my fingers which worked okay, but with a little advice from the blogs of and I tried out the Real Techniques Stippling Brush and haven't looked back.

This has actually become my daily blusher as it is quite subtle but also buildable and has a lovely natural pink colour. If this blusher is anything to go by I am going to love cream blushes and have recently put an order in for 4 new ones to try (I told you it was a bit OTT!).

After reading a lot of reviews and recommendations I ordered the following... with a Debenhams gift voucher I purchased the Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge (£18) as a high-end option, with my boots points I purchased a Stila Convertible Colour (1600 points/£16) and with my recent pay check I have ordered two Dainty Doll Cream Blushers which were about £3.50 each ( I just couldn't help myself. Reviews of all these blushers will be coming soon.

If you, like me, are a little hesitant to try blusher I would recommend one of the Benefit Lip and Cheek kits to try out both a cheek stain and a powder, not only do they have the Feelin' Dandy Kit but they also have a coral alternative called Go TropiCORAL or the Sugarlicious Kit if you are looking for more of a bronze glow. The No.7 Natural Blush Cream is lovely but unfortunately the colour choice is limited to just three shades and I'm not sure I could pull off the other two.

And so began what I am sure will be a livelong love affair with blusher.

Apologies for the rather lengthy post, I promise to try and keep them a bit shorter in the future. I just get a little carried away sometimes!


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