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As I am sure you have guessed, I am Nicki and this is my beauty nick-nackery. A 25 year old newlywed retail-slave from England. Pretty average huh?

It is quite shocking how much money I have spent on make-up in the last few months. I recently tried to do the calculation in my head....Urban Decay Naked Palette...practically the entire Real Techniques brush collection....countless trips to boots...oh and don't forget that blusher...and that mascara...and finally had to stop myself due to fear of the final number. Ignorance is bliss right?

Although I have always been interested in make-up and liked to look my best, the extent of my make up addiction is actually a reasonably new phase in my life. It all started around Christmas 2012 when I booked a hair and make-up trial with a professional make-up artist for my upcoming wedding. The word disaster may actually be an understatement.

The entire 4 hour (yes 4 hour!) experience left me with a face like Krusty the clown and hair like side-show Bob! Okay that may have been a slight exaggeration but it was not good. The make-up just wasn't me and my hair fell out within about half an hour. It was actually a real disappointment considering how much I was looking forward to my first makeover and how much it cost me. That's when I realised, if you want something done right, you just need to do it yourself.

I spent the next few months spending hour-after-hour watching make-up videos on YouTube, reading beauty blogs and shopping! Lots of shopping! However, as much as I love beauty blogs a lot of them seem to concentrate on pretty high-end expensive make-up which just didn't work with my wedding budget.

Although I have bought one or two slightly more expensive items I am trying to find the balance. Work out what is worth splashing the cash on and where I can save a few quid. My main aim was to basically find the best make-up for the best prices which will help me look my best on the big day.

I am quite easily persuaded to buy new products and on more than one occasion I have spent a fortune on a highly publicised and recommended product only to find that they don't 'live up to the hype.' With a recent wedding and honeymoon and the new aim of saving for a house deposit I don't exactly have much of a disposable income. That's why fully researching a product is a must for me before I part with my cash and that's where I thought my experiences may be useful to others.

Being someone with a very pale skin tone I know how difficult it can be to find things like foundations and blushers that match and complement a fair complexion so this blog will also look for the best makeup and beauty products to suit pale and fair skin.

In this blog I will try to include a range of products from high-end to high-street (or drugstore) with reviews, swatches and an honest opinion. You work hard for your money and you deserve to be rewarded with beautiful products which leave you with a gorgeous glow and the satisfaction that you haven't just wasted it all due to a clever PR campaign!

So here's just a little sneak peek of what will be coming up....

My complete wedding make-up look.
A make-up haul from budget friendly brand MUA - dream come true or you get what you pay for?
My disappointing colour-matching experience at Debenhams.
My introduction to Clinique.
My love for Benefit packaging - but is the make-up as good as the branding?
The perfect emergency handbag make-up kit.
My never-ending skin-care battle.
My first trial of false eyelashes (I know, 25 years old and I had never tried them before!)

And much much more!

But until then, stay lovely and all that jazz!

Nicki x

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