Sunday, 28 April 2013

Welcome to...

As I am sure you have guessed, I am Nicki and this is my beauty nick-nackery. A 25 year old newlywed retail-slave from England. Pretty average huh?

It is quite shocking how much money I have spent on make-up in the last few months. I recently tried to do the calculation in my head....Urban Decay Naked Palette...practically the entire Real Techniques brush collection....countless trips to boots...oh and don't forget that blusher...and that mascara...and finally had to stop myself due to fear of the final number. Ignorance is bliss right?

Although I have always been interested in make-up and liked to look my best, the extent of my make up addiction is actually a reasonably new phase in my life. It all started around Christmas 2012 when I booked a hair and make-up trial with a professional make-up artist for my upcoming wedding. The word disaster may actually be an understatement.